How to use the Evaer recorder to record Microsoft Teams video calls?

Evaer supports recording of Microsoft Teams video and offers a variety of recording modes, such as Side by side, Picture in picture, Remote video only, Local video only and so on.
So you can use Evaer to record your Microsoft Teams video according to your needs.

Evaer for Microsoft Teams provides very convenient features to use it, you only need to download and install Evaer, and you can start recording your Microsoft Teams video call without more configuration.
By default, your Microsoft Teams video will be recorded as an MP4 video file, and the MP4 video file will be compressed using the default H.264 video encoder, so you can get the best video quality with the smallest file size.
You can also change the output format to the AVI video output format according to your needs, or you can choose the video encoder you need.

Evaer for Microsoft Teams will save the recorded video files directly to a local folder on your computer. You can play back according to your needs, edit your recorded Microsoft Teams video files and more.

Download Evaer for Microsoft Teams recorder for free at

2 thoughts on “How to use the Evaer recorder to record Microsoft Teams video calls?

  1. Scott Baldwin

    Hello Evaer – I purchased an Evaer professional license on Oct 15, 2018 .

    Admittedly, I have not done much with it so far, but now will ramp up again as I need to learn and use it. This time, I’d like to use Evaer in collaboration with Microsoft Teams, which I understand I can do.

    Question: Does my Evaer Professional license require an update or upgrade to have Teams compatibility?

    I also use Camtasia 2019 for editing. Can you point me in the right direction for links that can help me get started with this combination – Evaer/Teams/Camtasia ?

    I’m hoping to do side-by-side interviews and single person interviews.


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