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A review of the best Skype recorder features

Evaer is a famous Skype recorder software along with also the sole Skype recording applications which supports HD recording. There are other Skype recording software products available on the industry these days for this function, but most of them use screen recording to record Skype video calls. Evaer functions in a completely different manner from them.

Evaer Skype recorder directly gets the Skype audio and video data for recording, and even if zooming in and from the Skype window during a phone, the recording quality of the movie will have no effect at all, and it will end up getting excellent Skype recording quality.Recording Skype calls with Evaer is easy and it can automatically record Skype calls without any setup after installation.

By default, it will automatically record Skype calls in MP4 format and voice calls in MP3 format. Of course, it can choose different options based on the requirements.

The video section provides the following functions:

Video recording mode: It may choose different video recording modes according to the requirements, mainly supports side by side (landscape, portrait), picture-in-picture, local video only, remote video only, audio only.

Video picture size: It may choose the resolution and aspect ratio of the Skype recording. The greater the resolution, the more storage space and CPU resources required. It provides up to 1080P of video recording resolution.

Video frame rate: It is available in 15fps, 25fps and 30fps.

Video codec: It may select the video codec based on the needs. Usually, the default H.264 codec will be listed in the desirable effect of the movie.

The sound section offers three primary possibilities for recording: either side of the sound, recording local sound or remote sound. It can also choose whether the sound source is obtained directly from Skype or in the sound devices.

Exclusive proprietary features:

It offers exclusive features that allow previewing and controlling recorded video streams in real time. By way of instance, John is now recording his video call in side-by-side recording style, and if he now wants to record only remote video images, he can pause recording his movie image by simply clicking on the button under his movie picture in the video preview window. This is very convenient to use. In picture-in-picture video recording mode, it may change the position of the movie at any given time.

Evaer supports all versions of Skype under Windows. It only needs to be downloaded and may be used without worrying about compatibility issues using Skype.Evaer is your best choice for recording Skype calls. It offers two license versions, a typical license at $19.95 plus a professional permit at $29.95, and supplies the 30 Days money-back guarantee which gives users a stress free buy experience. Please see the download page to free get Evaer Skype recorder, so it’s fast and simple.

How to use Skype built-in Free Skype call recorder feature?

Skype has build-in the free Skype call recorder feature,  you can now use the Skype recording feature immediately if your Skype version is above 8.16.  It’s easy to use, and when you’re connected, you just need to tap the ”Start Recording“ menu to record your Skype video call. See the below image.

free Skype call recorder

It will record your video call using Side-by-side – portrait mode. The recorded video file will be stored on the Skype server and you can download it at any time.

The Skype build-in free Skype call recorder feature is already much more powerful than most third-party Skype recording software on the market, and most third-party Skype recording software is screen recording software. And most third-party recording software doesn’t offer an option for video recording mode. So you can use Skype’s built-in free call recording feature if you don’t need another recording mode.

For more selectable video recording modes,  you need third-party Skype recording software, such as Evaer, Super tintin.  They offer a variety of video recording modes, such as picture-in-picture, side-by-side (landscape ,portrait), separate video files, audio-only, local-webcam-only and remote-webcam-only mode.

The Evaer Skype recorder is the best one for recording Skype video calls, it supports all Skype versions under Windows. You can preview the recording results while recording the Skype video call, and you can control the recorded video channel in real time.

dynamically switch the video when recording Skype video calls

Please watch the video below to learn how to record your Skype video call.


Record Skype calls directly from audio devices

Recently, we added new feature to record Skype calls‘ sound directly from audio devices.  That you can get the clear sound when you recording Skype calls.

To enable this feature, you only need to enable the “Capture from audio devices” option as below image shows, then select the audio device you want to use, and then click the “Apply” button to save your settings.

Now, it will record directly from the audio device when you record a new Skype call.


record Skype sound from audio device

record Skype sound from audio device

Record Skype video calls without Skype call recorder

The new Skype 8.19 has build in the call recording feature.  That you can record your Skype video calls without Skype call recorder.

Please click the “+” icon when your Skype video call get connected, then click the  “Start recording” menu to start the recording.  It will record your video calls using side by side – Portrait mode.   And it will show the recording status at the top of your Skype windows. This call recording feature is FREE provided by Skype.

Skype call recording feature

But if you want to get more powerful capabilities for recording your Skype video calls, I suggest you use the Evaer Skype recorder , It provide much more powerful features, such as recording udio only, Picture-in-Picture Skype video recording mode, side-by-side-landscape / portrait Skype video recording mode, remote cameras only Skype video recording mode and so on.

You can also switch video dynamically while recording a Skype video call, such as if you want to record the remote video only while the remote person is talking, just click the “Stop” button under the video channel. Then you can click “Start” to record your video again as your need.

dynamically switch the video when recording Skype video calls

Free to get Evaer Skype recorder from

How do I record a full-screen video while talking to a mobile device using Skype?

Under the default configuration, Evaer call recorder for Skype will automatically adjust the aspect ratio of the video when the aspect ratio of the two sides is different.

If a mobile device is used by a Skype contact that you are talking to,  the Skype call recorder will automatically adjust (cut) The video aspect ratio when the video of the device is inconsistent with your video. This will get you the remote contact video with only the middle part of the image. If you want to get the same Skype video image as the original video, please disable the “Automatically adjusts the aspect ratio of the video images” option at Evaer call recorder for Skype software menu Tools > Options > Advanced tab.

record Skype video calls aspect ratio