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Record Skype video calls without Skype call recorder

The new Skype 8.19 has build in the call recording feature.  That you can record your Skype video calls without Skype call recorder.

Please click the “+” icon when your Skype video call get connected, then click the  “Start recording” menu to start the recording.  It will record your video calls using side by side – Portrait mode.   And it will show the recording status at the top of your Skype windows. This call recording feature is FREE provided by Skype.

Skype call recording feature

But if you want to get more powerful capabilities for recording your Skype video calls, I suggest you use the Evaer Skype recorder , It provide much more powerful features, such as recording udio only, Picture-in-Picture Skype video recording mode, side-by-side-landscape / portrait Skype video recording mode, remote cameras only Skype video recording mode and so on.

You can also switch video dynamically while recording a Skype video call, such as if you want to record the remote video only while the remote person is talking, just click the “Stop” button under the video channel. Then you can click “Start” to record your video again as your need.

dynamically switch the video when recording Skype video calls

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How do I record a full-screen video while talking to a mobile device using Skype?

Under the default configuration, Evaer call recorder for Skype will automatically adjust the aspect ratio of the video when the aspect ratio of the two sides is different.

If a mobile device is used by a Skype contact that you are talking to,  the Skype call recorder will automatically adjust (cut) The video aspect ratio when the video of the device is inconsistent with your video. This will get you the remote contact video with only the middle part of the image. If you want to get the same Skype video image as the original video, please disable the “Automatically adjusts the aspect ratio of the video images” option at Evaer call recorder for Skype software menu Tools > Options > Advanced tab.

record Skype video calls aspect ratio

How do I record Skype video calls on Windows?

There are currently three versions of Skype running under Windows OS. Desktop of Skype, Skype Preview and Skype for Windows 10.
Now there are several software that can record Skype calls, but only Evaer call recorder can support recording of all three versions of Skype calls at the same time.  Not only that, other software uses screen recording to record Skype video calls with no guarantee of recording quality. Only our Evaer call recorder can record directly from the Skype video stream and you can get the highest quality video data.

1, Recording the Skype for Windows 10. 

If you want to record a Skype for Windows 10 voice or video call, please refer to the following steps:
a, Install the most recent Evaer call recorder for Skype at
b, Run Evaer for Skype and it will auto connect to your Skype for Windows 10.
c, Place a call to start recording it.  See the below video guide to get more information.

2, Recording the Skype Preview (Skype version 8.x).

This version has a Skype for Windows 10 style, but it is a desktop Skype version.  You can record your Skype interviews by following steps:

a, Install the most recent Evaer call recorder for Skype at
b, Run Evaer for Skype and it will auto connect to your Skype Preview.
c, Place a call to start recording it. See the below video guide to get more information.

3, Recording the Skype for desktop.

The desktop version of Skype has a long history, starting with the creation of Skype until the final version 7.40.  You can record it easily using Evaer call recorder refer to the below video.


How to get best audio quality while recording Skype calls ?

It will sometimes create an echoing effect when you recording Skype calls without headset. So, we have build in the echo cancellation feature at Evaer call recorder for Skype.

By default, the echo cancellation feature is auto-adaptive because the distance of the near-end’s speaker and microphone are generally not known in advance. The acoustical attributes of the near-end’s room are also not generally known in advance, and may change (e.g. if people walk around the room causing changes in the acoustic reflections).

However, the initial echo delay estimation will greatly affect the echo cancellation effect.  So, we added the option to adjust the initial echo delay estimation time at Evaer Advanced settings.  That you can change the delay estimation time to get best Skype audio recording quality using Evaer recorder for Skype.

echo delay estimate

The latest Evaer Skype recorder also supports capture audio sound from audio device directly, So, it’s another way that you can get clear sound while recording Skype calls.   Just enable the “Capture from audio devices” option at Evaer Skype recorder settings as below image shown.

record Skype sound from audio device

record Skype sound from audio device

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How to record Skype for Windows 10 calls?

The new Skype for Windows 10 is already in your computer if you use the Windows  8 or Windows 10 system. We are the first to support the new Skype for Windows 10 audio and video recording. Through our software you can easily record the new Skype audio and video calls.

The Evaer call recorder capture the audio and video data from the Skype directly, so you will get the best quality when you recording your Skype calls. You only need the following steps to easily use our software.

1, Download and install the latest Evaer call recorder for Skype from our website ( .

2, Run Evaer call recorder for Skype and the new Skype for Windows 10.

3, Place a call and the “Start recording” button will change to “red” status when your call get answered.  Click the “Start recording” button to record the new Skype calls.

It also supports automatically recording calls feature, please just go to Evaer menu “Tools > Enable Auto Recording” to turn on it.

It support many video recording mode, such as picture-in-picture, side-by-side (landscape ,portrait), separate files, audio-only, remote-webcam-only and so on.  You can select the recording mode according to your needs, there is always a recording mode for you.

Skype Video Recording Mode

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