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How to record Skype calls without anyone noticing?

As we all know, Skype’s built-in recording function will notify each participant that the call is being recorded. You’ll need to use other recording software if you want to record calls without anyone noticing.

Evaer video recorder for Skype can also achieve the same function. You just need to uncheck the “Warn the caller the call will be recorded” option if you don’t want others to know that you are recording the Skype call. As shown below.

How to record Microsoft Teams meeting locally?

Everyone knows that Microsoft Teams can only record meetings and save them in the cloud. And you can only manually click to start recording. Sometimes if you forget to click to start recording, there will be nothing recorded. And the files saved in the cloud will be delete automatically after 30 days. Therefore, recording the meeting directly to the hard disk of the local computer is a very reliable option.

Currently only Evaer for Teams supports seamless recording of Microsoft Teams. It saves the original video data directly to your computer, and you can fully control the meeting files you record.

It can automatically record your Teams meetings according to your settings. It also supports you to customize the recording, such as recording specific people in the meeting.

It has a very powerful built-in echo cancellation function, and you can get the clearest recorded sound.

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How to change the recorded layout of a Skype video call?

In a three-way call the person who started the recording takes up half the screen on the left, with the other two participants each taking up half of the screen on the right (top/bottom).

The situation – an interview taking place, the user organising the meeting only wants the two additional participants in the Skype meeting to be recorded (side by side preferably) and not themselves.

By default, there is no way to do that. You have to record all of three video streams together.

Fortunately, Evaer for Skype can do that easily now. Evaer supports to turn on/off each of video stream dynamically, it just need to click the start/stop button under the video stream to change the layout of the output video as below image shows.

Change the layout of the a Skype video meetings

You can also achieve the spotlight effect in picture in picture mode by clicking the arrow button.

All of these features also available for Evaer for Microsoft Teams.

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Free desktop annotation tool for Windows – AnyPen

Recently, we released a new software called AnyPen, that you can Write and draw over any software with AnyPen.

Screenshot of AnyPen software

AnyPen creates an overlay that lets you to draw, write and highlight over any desktop software on Windows.

It provide 16 colors for the pen and highlighter, you can select the color which you need.

You can also adjust the line width by click the “Line width” button, as below image shows.

It also support to hide your notes at the click of a button. AnyPen will remembers your content when closed.

And just click the Screenshot button to take a screenshot for saving your job.

And it’s 100% free pen writing software for Windows.

Record Teams Video Meeting Without Microsoft 365 Plan

Microsoft Teams is very suitable for teams to use, and the functions of the free version can meet the needs of most teams. But the free version has no recording function, so Evaer for Teams can perfectly meet your recording needs.

Recording remote video with Evaer is very simple. You only need to download, install and run it. It will automatically connect to your Microsoft Teams desktop program.

Once the video meetings starts, Evaer for Teams will detect the existing video stream in real time. Through the Evaer UI you can easily select which video stream to record. Simple to click the “Streams control” button to recording or stop recording special video streams as below image shown.

It also supports many different types of recording video codec, video resolution (supports 240p, 360p, 480p, 720p, 1080p), aspect ratio (4:3, 16:9) and frame rate.

record microsoft teams conference calls settings

So with Evaer for Microsoft Teams that you can customize recording according to your needs. It provides you with the greatest degree of freedom.

Download it for free and enjoy it.