How to use Evaer recorder to record Skype video calls for FREE

As we all know, Evaer is the best Skype video recording software under Windows, only Evaer on the market supports selectable channels for recording video, multiple video recording mode and HD video recording quality. In order to make more people enjoy the ability to record Skype videos, we decided to make Evaer’s “Screencast” recording mode completely FREE. Now you only need to download the latest version of the Evaer Skype recorder software, and then change the video recording mode to “Screencast” to use the Skype video recording function for free. The following article will give you a detailed introduction on how to use Evaer Skype Recorder for free.

1, Download and install Evaer Skype recorder.

Evaer supports Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 & 8.1 and Windows 10. After downloading the Evaer installer, you only need to double-click to install.

2, Run Evaer and switch the Skype video recording mode to Screencast.

After the installation is complete, you just need to double-click the Evaer icon on the desktop to run it, then click on the video recording mode option at the bottom of the Evaer program, as shown below.

Free Skype video recorder – Screencast video recording mode

Select “Screencast” mode in Skype video recording modes such as Separate video files, Side by Side, Picture in picture. Since the aspect ratio of the Skype window is irregular, you need to set the video size selection to “Self-Adaptive“. As shown below.

3, Free to start recording Skype video calls.

Now you need to run Skype and wait for Evaer’s connection status to be converted to “Ready”, then you can start recording. After clicking the Start Record button, you will see the contents of the entire Skype window will be displayed to Evaer’s Output. Preview window. What you see is what you recorded. All your activities in the Skype window will be recorded, whether it is a video call or a text chat.

By default, the video files will be recorded in MP4 format and stored on your computer’s hard drive.

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How do I only record videos from remote participants in a Skype call?

Evaer is very convenient for recording videos from remote participants in a Skype call. It just need one click to record the remote side Skype video after you installed Evaer Skype recorder.

Please click the Skype video recording mode button on Evaer UI as below image shows.

Capture Skype remote video only

Choose the “Remote video only” mode will record the Skype remote video when recording Skype video calls.

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Why Evaer recorder for Skype is the best Skype recorder?

There are many Skype recorder software in current software market, and it’s confusing to face a lot of choices. This article will answer your questions step by step, we will discuss and compare the following aspects.

1, Skype video recording quality.

2, Skype audio recording quality.

3, File output format.

4, Stability and compatibility.

5, Ease of use and price.

1, Skype video recording quality

Currently, there are and only Evaer recorder for Skype record Skype video by directly capturing the original Skype video stream under Windows. Other Skype recorders use the method of recording Skype screen. So the best video recording quality can be achieved with Skype video calls recorded by Evaer recorder for Skype . Since Evaer recorder for Skype uses the way to capture raw Skype video data, you can have more scalability when recording Skype video calls. You can dynamically select the video content which you want to record, or you can choose the following video recording mode according to your needs. Side by side – Landscape, Side by side – Portrait, Picture in picture, Screen cast, Separate video files, Remote video only, Local video only. And you can stop or record a video channel at will in Side by Side, Side by Side – Picture video recording mode.

Other Skype recorders will record the entire Skype window, and the call button and other buttons on the Skype window will also be recorded. And the video will be distorted as you zoom in on the Skype window.

Best Skype call recorder software
Evaer call recorder for Skype

Therefore, if you want to get the best video recording quality, Evaer recorder for Skype is your best choice.

2, Skype audio recording quality

Evaer recorder for Skype offers two ways to capture Skype audio, one that is captured directly from Skype and the other that is recorded directly from the sound device. Getting it directly from Skype ensures that you only record the sound of a Skype call, and other sounds that are playing on your computer will not be recorded.

Recording directly from a sound device not only records the sound of a Skype call but also records other sounds that are playing on your computer, such as game sounds, music sounds, and more.

Capture Skype audio settings

You can choose how you want to get the audio according to your needs. In addition, Evaer recorder for Skype also has built-in powerful echo cancellation to give you the clearest sound recording quality.

3, File output format

Evaer recorder for Skype offers MP4 and AVI video output formats and MP3 audio output formats. By default, Evaer will use H.264 video encoder to record Skype video and output MP4 format video files. The biggest advantage of H.264 is its high data compression ratio. and the H.264 has a high compression ratio while also having high-quality, smooth images. So with the default settings you will get good video recording quality. Of course, you can also choose the encoder and video output format according to your needs.

When you record a Skype voice call, Evaer recorder for Skype will automatically record the voice call as an MP3 audio file.

Evaer video recording options
Evaer video recording options

4, Stability and compatibility

The stability of the software is critical to recording video, and Evaer uses multiple techniques to ensure software stability. In addition, Evaer recorder for Skype also serves multiple Skype versions, such as Desktop of Skype, Skype app for Windows 10 (32bit and 64bit), and supports multiple Windows systems, such as Win7, Win8, Win 10.

5, Ease of use and price

Using Evaer recorder for Skype is very simple, you just need to download and run Evaer to start recording your Skype video call, and we also how to use video demos, FAQs and free technical support. We insists on quality service and preferential price (Start $19.95) for our company’s purpose. As shown on our website, we are the leader in Skype video recorder software, but our products are charged the least.

There is no doubt that Evaer is the best Skype recorder. It is your wise choice.

How to use the Evaer recorder to record Teams video calls?

Evaer supports recording of Teams video and offers a variety of recording modes, such as Side by side, Picture in picture, Remote video only, Local video only and so on.
So you can use Evaer to record your Teams video according to your needs.

Evaer for Teams provides very convenient features to use it, you only need to download and install Evaer, and you can start recording your Teams video call without more configuration.
By default, your Teams video will be recorded as an MP4 video file, and the MP4 video file will be compressed using the default H.264 video encoder, so you can get the best video quality with the smallest file size.
You can also change the output format to the AVI video output format according to your needs, or you can choose the video encoder you need.

Evaer for Teams will save the recorded video files directly to a local folder on your computer. You can play back according to your needs, edit your recorded Teams video files and more.

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How to record a specified Skype video content?

Under normal circumstances, we need to record video images of both parties to the Skype video call. But sometimes we need to record the video image of the specified party. At this time, you can use Evaer video recorder for Skype’s video recording function, which can record each video participant into a separate video file, and then you can choose the file according to your needs.

The function of using split video recording is very simple. You only need to select split video recording mode in the video output mode option as below image shows. Of course, you can also set the resolution of the output video, output format and so on.

When you select the split video mode, each video channel will be recorded as a separate video file, and each video file will contain all the sounds of the Skype call.

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