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How to use Skype built-in Free Skype call recorder feature?

Skype has build-in the free Skype call recorder feature,  you can now use the Skype recording feature immediately if your Skype version is above 8.16.  It’s easy to use, and when you’re connected, you just need to tap the ”Start Recording“ menu to record your Skype video call. See the below image.

free Skype call recorder

It will record your video call using Side-by-side – portrait mode. The recorded video file will be stored on the Skype server and you can download it at any time.

The Skype build-in free Skype call recorder feature is already much more powerful than most third-party Skype recording software on the market, and most third-party Skype recording software is screen recording software. And most third-party recording software doesn’t offer an option for video recording mode. So you can use Skype’s built-in free call recording feature if you don’t need another recording mode.

For more selectable video recording modes,  you need third-party Skype recording software, such as Evaer, Super tintin.  They offer a variety of video recording modes, such as picture-in-picture, side-by-side (landscape ,portrait), separate video files, audio-only, local-webcam-only and remote-webcam-only mode.

The Evaer Skype recorder is the best one for recording Skype video calls, it supports all Skype versions under Windows. You can preview the recording results while recording the Skype video call, and you can control the recorded video channel in real time.

dynamically switch the video when recording Skype video calls

Please watch the video below to learn how to record your Skype video call.


Skype Group Video Calling is now FREE – Record Skype Group Video Calls using Evaer

Skype announce that they are making group video calling free (group screen sharing also free) – for all users on these platforms. And, in the future, they’ll be enabling group video calling for all our users across more platforms – at no cost.

Free Skype group video calling

If you need to record your Skype group video calls, please download Evaer video call recorder for Skype at

It supports recording single Skype video calls, Skype screen sharing calls and up to 10 way Skype group video calls.


Skype voice & video calls answering machine on new Evaer recorder

Today, we have released a new version that added the Skype voice and video calls answering machine feature.

When you are away from your PC, Evaer will auto pick up the incoming calls(voice or video), play a voice greeting message , auto-record the calling party voice or video message.

Key features of answering machine:

– Enable/Disable answering machine

– Changeable voice greeting messages

– Changeable voice and video message recording duration


Skype voice & video answering machine

Free upgrade to the latest version at here.

Install Microsoft MPEG-4 V1/2/3 VKI Codec for your windows

Instructions for installing Microsoft MPEG-4 V1/2/3 VKI Codec :

1, Download and extract the files in the ZIP archive to a temporary directory. 3 files should have been extracted, including an .ini file.

2, Right click on the MPG4VKI.inf file and select “install” to start the installation. If the installer detects a newer version of the file and ask you whether to keep it or not, make sure you keep the newer version.

3, The codec is now installed and you can then use the ‘Microsoft MPEG-4 VKI codec V2’ video codec in Evaer menu ‘Tools >Options ‘ > ‘Recording settings’> Video compressed option.

Webcam Diagnostics

Webcam Diagnostics is a simple assistant which gathers many system and webcam-related information in a single place. It makes it easy to identify driver installation problems or USB issues: red circles will signal serious issues and yellow triangles will signal minor issues. Right-click a reported issue to access the context menu and click the Fix menu (if available) so that the program attempts to fix the issue or shows you a possible way to fix it.

Webcam Diagnostics can report USB issues like overcurrent or bandwidth shortage. It can also tell whether your system is correctly configured to handle a webcam (e.g. processor fast enough, recent DirectX runtime, optimal display color depth, etc.)

Download it from here.