Exchange the video position during recording the Skype calls with Evaer video recorder

The exchange video position feature allows user to choose which side (remote or local) is one the small picture and which side is on the large picture. And that would be changed while the Skype video is recording, without the need to stop it and start recording again. You just need to click the “Exchange video position” button during the recording to move the video to small picture, and it will auto move another video to large picture.

exchange video position during the recording

exchange video position during the recording

Please upgrade to the latest Evaer video recorder for Skype to enjoy the new feature.

Notes:  This new feature is only available for professional license.

Change the recording Skype video bitrate to control the MP4 file size

To control the video file size, you can adjust the video codec bitrate settings.

Evaer recorder for Skype use the “H.264/MPEG-4 AVC Codec” as the default video codec, that you can adjust the vaule “Bitrate” and “VBVMaxRate” on registry to reduce/increase the kbps.  See the below image.

control the recording Skype video bitrate

control the recording Skype video bitrate

The key path at HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Evaer\h264 , you need to add two DWORD value to control the bitrate.

Preview the output video while recording Skype video calls

We recently released a new version Evaer video recorder for Skype.

The new version has some issue fixed and added below exciting features.

1. Preview the output video while recording Skype video calls – It means “What You See Is What You Get”,  that you can see the video call recording result immediately without waiting for the end of the recording.  To preview your video when you recording the Skype call that just need to turn on the “Enable video preview when recording video streams” option at Evaer Advanced settings.

Preview the video while recording Skype video calls

2. The Picture-In-Picture video recording mode has added four new options, that you can put your local image at Top-Left / Top-Right/  Bottom-Left / Bottom-Right position (At Evaer menu Tools > Options > Recording Settings tab).

Local Image Position

Local Image Position

These new features request Professional license,  please upgrade your license if you have already the Standard license.

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Get new version Evaer video recorder to record your Skype calls

Recently, we released a new version of Evaer video call recorder which has improved the h.264 video codec and supported more languages.

The transcode has improved for importing the recorded file to  video editor software directly.

Free download Evaer at

Record Lync contacts audio and video calls from Skype 7.0

Skype just released the most recent version 7.0, Skype users can now video call their Skype contacts on Lync, and vice versa!    In the meantime, the latest Evaer start support the latest Skype 7.0.  You are able to record the audio and video calls with Lync contacts now.  And the below video recording modes also support recording Lync video calls.

video recording mode for Skype video call recording

Record Skype video calls’ mode

Free download our Evaer Skype video call recorder at