Self-Adaptive video resolution and aspect ratio to record Skype video calls

As we know by now, Skype will automatically adjust the video resolution and aspect ratio to the maximum depending on the available Internet connection and CPU capabilities on both sides of the conversation. For example, if you have an HD webcam, Skype will evaluate the above-mentioned conditions between the conversation.  If conditions are good enough you’ll get an HD video call using 720p & 16:9 .  If condtions aren’t good enough, you call will be in 480p or lower but definitely in 4:3. The recorded video images maybe get distortion if you always use the same aspect ratio.

So, we have released a new version that has added the new feature — Self-Adaptive video resolution and aspect ratio. This new feature will auto-detect your Skype video calls video resolution and aspect ratio, then record it use the same video resolution and aspect ratio automatically. This will avoid the video images distortion issue.  Now, the latest Evaer video recorder supported video resolutions are 240p, 360p, 480p, 720p, 1080p and the aspect ratio are 4:3,16:9.

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