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Change the WebCam resolution for Skype video calls

March 13, 2011 | Leave a comment(7) Go to comments

LOTS of people use Skype’s video call feature. However, slow computer or slow network bandwidth , the call quality is severely effected and the call sometimes drops.The easiest solution would be to reduce the quality of transmission from these cameras.

So, We create new app to ALLOW USERS TO SET THE VIDEO RESOLUTION for Skype.


change webcam resolution for skype video

change webcam resolution for skype video

Download the app(Evaer WebCam Resolution Tool) from

Tested with Skype version 4.2 and 5.2.

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  2. Jessie Laborde

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  3. Is height -120, width -160 and fps -15 the limits? If I try going below skype doesn’t start the video – it says “some other program might be using your webcam”?

    • Our software never use the webcam.

      You should never start webcam software before starting Skype. There is difference between webcam software and webcam drivers. Skype is using webcam drivers in order to access the webcam. If any other application is using these drivers, and this can be webcam’s own software or any other application, then Skype will not be able to access the webcam. Actually, you don’t need to have any webcam software installed on your computer for Skype being able to use the webcam. Only webcam drivers are required.

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    Thanks for sharing Change the WebCam resolution for Skype video calls | Record Skype video and
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