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Unable to launch Evaer Skype recorder with Cylance Memory Protection Enabled

Problem: When using Memory Protection, there are some compatibility issues with Evaer Skype video recorder.

Issue: The original design for Memory Protection is to inject at the earliest possible point during process startup. However, other products that also monitor memory processes handle injections differently and may not be prepared for injection as early in the process as Memory Protection. This causes the other application to crash. To resolve this issue, you can add a registry key to the Cylance Desktop registry folder to allow Memory Protection to inject in the same manner as other applications.


Solution: Compatibility Mode works when Memory Protection is enabled or when Memory Protection and Script Control are enabled. It does not work when only Script Control is enabled. While Memory Protection and Script Control use the same core functions, the way each feature protects a device is different.

Add the following registry key to enable Compatibility Mode:

Using the Registry Editor, go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Cylance\Desktop. Right-click Desktop, click Permissions, then take ownership and grant yourself Full Control. Right-click Desktop, then select New > Binary Value.

For the name, type CompatibilityMode. Open the registry setting and change the value to 01. Click OK, then close Registry Editor. A restart of the system is not required.


Then restart Skype and Evaer to have a try.

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