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How to fix the video and audio out of sync issue?

Firstly, please make sure your Evaer version is the most recent released.  Check it at http://www.evaer.com/upgrade.htm

We suggest you enable the "Capturing audio stream does not use the Skype API" option at Evaer menu Tools > Options > Advanced Tab. Then restart Evaer and Skype to record new call to have a try.

capture skype calls without Skype API

If you use Camtasia, Adobe Premiere or other video edit software to edit the recorded files, it may requires to convert the recorded file before you import to it.  

We use the HandBrake (It's Free. Download at https://handbrake.fr/) to demonstrate the converting steps.

Step1, Click the "Source > Open File" to choose the file which you want to convert.

video convert - add file

Step2, Click the "Browse" botton to set the output file name and destination.

video convert - output file

Step 3, Click the "Start" button to start convert the file.  It will take a few seconds.

video convert - start

You can import the converted file to Camtasia, Adobe Premiere or other video edit software to edit it.  It will works well.

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