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How can I record Facebook video calls?

You can use our Video call recorder for Facebook software to record your Facebook video calls.

Free to get it at http://www.recordvideocall.com/


Video Call Recorder for Facebook enables you to record video and audio streams during live conversations on Facebook, in order to watch them at a later time. With its help, you can capture Facebook video calls and save them locally.

The application requires minimum user interaction, as it mostly runs in the background. When it detects a newly initiated video call on Facebook, it automatically starts recording data from local, remote or both webcams, storing the output files (in MP4 or AVI format) in a user-defined location.

Video Call Recorder for Facebook is capable of capturing both video streams and display them side-by-side or create a new video file for each webcam stream.

Another possibility is to activate the audio extraction mode, which means that only the audio conversation is captured and saved in MP3 format, with the possibility to select the source stream (local, remore or both). Additionally, the MP3 bitrate and the sample rate are customizable.

Actually, there are multiple recording settings that can be configured. You can set the resolution (it supports values of up to 1080p) and the aspect ratio, adjust the video frame rate and choose the used video codec or instruct the application to automatically correct upside down video images.

Having ease of use as one of its main features and focusing on output quality, Video Call Recorder for Facebook is the ideal tool for capturing worth-remembering conversations. It helps you take part in important events and create a complete video album, even if you are miles away from your friends or family.

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