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How to turn on Windows hardware acceleration?

Turning on Windows hardware acceleration
Here's how to turn on hardware acceleration globally for all programs.

Windows Vista / Windows 7
1 Click Start / Control Panel /
Appearance and Personalization.

2 Under Personalization, click
Adjust screen resolution.

3 On the Display Settings dialog, click the
Advanced Settings... button.

4 On the monitor properties dialog, click the Troubleshoot tab.

5 Click the Change settings button.

6 On the security dialog, click Continue.

7 Move the Hardware Acceleration slider
to the Fullnotch.

5 Click OK.

6 Restart Windows to record Skype video calls.


Windows XP
1 Right-click the desktop, then on the context menu, click Properties.
2 Click the Settings tab, then click Advanced.
3 Click the Troubleshoottab.

4 Move the Hardware Acceleration slider to the Full notch.

5 Click OK, then Close.

6 Please restart Evaer and Skype to record Skype video calls .

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