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Why I got the message "WARNING: Cannot get normal video data! "

Firstly, please make sure sure you have adequate disk space and please do NOT specify the output folder to a network-drive.


Solution 1.


Please upgrade your Evaer to the most recent version( to have the issue fixed.

Upgrade link is http://www.evaer.com/upgrade.htm 


If the issue still exist, please temporarily turn off your Anti-virus software, the Anti-virus may get a false positive detection on latest Evaer. Then restart Skype and Evaer to have a test.


Solution 2.


If you have disabled the "Enable stream acceleration mode" at Evaer Advanced tab, please enable it.  Then restart Evaer and Skype to record new call to have a try.


If the issue still exist, please do following steps to check the PC DirectX version and make sure the Direct3D Acceleration is enable status.

1 - click the key Win and R key from the keybroad. It will pop up "Run" dialog.
2 - types "dxdiag" and confirm in OK; 
3 - will appear a screen with "Tool of Diagnosis of DirectX"; 
4 - click the "Display" tab to check the "D3D Status" under the "DirectX Features".
5 - If it show the "D3D Status: Not Available",  please refer to the below link to turn on Windows hardware acceleration to have a try?  I think that will fix the issue.




If you think that the detection message is wrong, you can disable the message at Evaer menu "Tools > Options" > "Advanced" tab > uncheck "Enable automatic error detection" option.



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