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Why I got the message "WARNING: Cannot get normal video data! "

Firstly, please make sure sure you have adequate disk space and please do NOT specify the output folder to a network-drive.


Solution 1.


Please upgrade your Evaer to the most recent version( to have the issue fixed.

Upgrade link is http://www.evaer.com/upgrade.htm 


If the issue still exist, please temporarily turn off your Anti-virus software, the Anti-virus may get a false positive detection on latest Evaer. Then restart Skype and Evaer to have a test.


Solution 2.


Update your graphics card driver to the latest version.


If you do not known how to update your graphics card driver, please do the following steps to check the PC DirectX information.

1 - click the key Win and R key from the keyboard. It will pop up "Run" dialog.
2 - types "dxdiag" and confirm in OK; 
3 - will appear on a screen with "Tool of Diagnosis of DirectX"; 
4 - click the "Save all information" button to save the DirectX information to a txt file.

Please send the txt file to us, we will help you to check the graphics card driver version and send you latest graphics card driver download link.



If you think that the detection message is wrong, you can disable the message at Evaer menu "Tools > Options" > "Advanced" tab > uncheck "Enable automatic error detection" option.



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