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How to launch the Evaer Skype video recorder?

There are three ways to launch the Evaer skype video recorder:

1).When you start the pc, you can manually launch the Evaer.You can go to the desktop and click the shortcut to run the Evaer, normally after you install the Evaer Skype video recorder, we will create a shortcut at the desktop. If you use Windows 7, you can also go to Start --> All Programs -->Evaer to launch it if you can not find the shortcut.

If you use Windows 10, you just need to type Evaer on Windows 10 search box, then click Evaer to run it.

2).You can also go to Evaer --> Tools -->Options -->General, enable the function "Start Evaer video recorder when I start windows",then Evaer will be startup automatically when your windows is up.

3).Start Evaer skype video recorder when you start the Skype, just enable the function at Evaer --> Tools -->Options -->General and stick the checkbox "Start Evaer video recorder when I start Skype".

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