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How to install the Evaer Skype video recorder?

Installation instructions


Follow the steps below , It usually takes less than 2 minutes for you to begin recording skype video calls.

  • Setp 1

    Double click the EvaerSetup.exe file you have downloaded. Click the "Next" button in the window of the installation program until navigate to the last page.

  • Setp 2

    For the first time you start Evaer
    a), Skype will ask you if Evaer is allowed to access skype(shown as the following image) if you use the desktop of Skype version 7.x. Please click the "Allow access" button when your Skype popup this message.

    1, Evaer will automatically connect to your Skype if you do not click the "Allow access" button within a few seconds.
    2, Please skip this step if you are using the Skype UWP app which from the Windows Store on Windows 10.
    3, Please skip this step if you are using the Skype Version 8.x.
    b), Evaer may prompt you to restart your Skype, please click the "Restart Skype now" button as below.

    c), And please click the Yes button to allow Evaer to capture the Skype video stream if the below window popup.

  • Setp 3

    Place a Skype call and click the "Start Recording" button to begin your recording once the call is connected. Or enable automatic recording at Evaer settings.

Here’s how to record Skype video and voice calls step by step:
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