Best Skype video call recorder – Testimonial

“My name is Norm Bour and I host a radio show called the Vape radio. It’s all about the world of beeping and electronic cigarettes and it’s actually the largest in the industry and what I do is interview people from littlely all over the world but mostly here within the united states and I interviewed them on Skype and use of Evaer, so that’s why I’m doing this video because I have been nothing short of impressive with Evaer. It’s been very very flawless in a recent problem that customer service to care of very very quickly but I find it when I get someone on skype, the Evaer program starts automatically I get the recording it’s a boom boom I send it to my editor and drop it and that’s all there is to it. Graduation to bear on putting together pretty awesome product for a very affordable price.”

—- Norm Bour
Founder & Chief Business Mentor
Founder & host of VAPE radio, with over 1 million downloads
VAPE magazine columnist and author of Vapreneur


“Skype and Evaer are an integral part of my business,  Paul Meier Dialect Services.   99% of my consultancy with clients is conducted that way, and, using Evaer, I record all my client sessions.  I love the flexibility to record audio or video or both, and record one side or both sides of my meetings.  The recordings are automatically stored for me, which I love.  Very convenient indeed.   Evaer lets me choose just about any format I could ever need for my recordings.  Evaer is also extremely responsive to any questions or problems that arise.  Very good service indeed.  Skype, Evaer and my business fit together beautifully.”

—- Paul Meier
Paul Meier Dialect Services, LC
Founder & Director

“I’ve been using Evaer for over five years now, and during that time I’ve found it to be the most straightforward, reliable and easy-to-use recording program on the market.  I’ve used it to record long skype game sessions in audio, and also video chats (all with the other person’s consent of course!), and it provides excellent sound and image, time after time.
My favourite thing about it is ease of use: it sets itself up, dutifully and quietly records in the background, automatically saves the file and no further effort on the user’s part is required.  I’m not an especially tech person, so I really value the straightforwardness.”
—- Ash

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